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At the time of our conversation, Anya Jo Elvidge was an Environment Artist at The Creative Assembly, where she worked closely with the team behind Total War: Warhammer II and Total War: Three Kingdoms.

I loved hearing the story of how Anya got to where she is today. One of the biggest catalysts behind Anya’s career was her blog, where she posted updates of her work and progress every week. Her regular posts helped her to grow an audience and even landed her some profiles and features on 80 Level. Eventually, one of her followers ultimately referred her to The Creative Assembly. 🙂

Self-marketing is SO important. By putting yourself out there, by share your art, your work and your process, you make connections and build bridges that ultimately serve and add value to the artistic community.

Also, have I mentioned that Anya is the Queen of Dioramas? Check out her amazing work, complete with animation and hand-painted details here:



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