Mastering Substance

Texturing And Material Creation For Games

Classes Meet Wednesdays at 11:30AM Pacific


Class Overview

Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter and Substance Designer have become standard tools at studios around the world for texturing game assets.

Learn how to apply materials and detailed textures using Substance from one of the Industry’s leading artists, Arvin Villapando. Arvin designs develop and maintain the production pipeline at GameTextures, using the Allegorithmic Substance framework.

Arvin will teach you how to go tackle projects with ease through the pipeline, from asset creation to completed product.

This Mastering Substance course will consist of twelve modules of live lessons and reviews. You’ll learn core Substance Painter and Designer skills and workflows and be part of a community of artists working to achieve next level quality in their work.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Course Format: Standard
  • Duration: 12 Weeks + Lifetime Access
  • Lecture Type: Live weekly
  • Assignments: Deadlines each week
  • Feedback: Live weekly

What You’ll Learn

The course will go through the full process of conceiving, developing and building a stylized environment. The emphasis will be on applying good practices and solid planning to create a diorama. Students will learn how to get the most out of layout, colors, textures, and lighting to get the best results.

By the end of the course, students will learn how to develop an evocative diorama using a step-by-step process. They should also have gained knowledge on how to troubleshoot new problems or tasks for building their scene.

By The End Of The Course


  • Know the workflow for texturing characters.
  • Know the workflow for texturing environment surfaces.
  • Have mastered your way through the Substance Painter pipeline.
  • Have created your own asset/s from concept to completed product.

Mesh Preparation: Mesh Topology & UVs

  • Proper mesh topology for real-time rendering
  • How to get proper UV projections
  • Generate basic UVs

Mesh Preparation: Texel Density & Baking

  • Match texture resolutions across single assets and between assets
  • Baking out information maps
  • How to use different information maps

The Science of PBR: Building Basic PBR Materials

  • Different texture channels of PBR
  • What each channel controls in relation to the real world light
  • Create basic materials with Substance Designer

Creating a Tileable Material: Building Basic Texture Maps

  • Create basic texture maps for Substance Designer channels
  • Generate height and perform normal conversions
  • Cover masking methods and generate final maps

Creating a Tileable Material: Refinement & Consolidating Tools

  • Refine material graph
  • Group together nodes that are often used together into single node
  • Tips and tricks to make material more believable

Catch Up: Apply Tileable Materials to Mesh

  • Material set up for different rendering options
  • Refine discrepancies between Substance Designer preview and render engine product
  • Touch base / Catch up

Basic Asset Texturing: Applying Base Materials

  • Apply base layers for texturing assets in Substance Painter
  • Proper file organization & layer structure in Painter
  • Bake texture maps in Substance Painter

Basic Asset Texturing: Detailing

  • Refine textures in basic assets
  • Add multiple layers, use different masking methods, add details
  • Export texture maps from Substance Painter and apply to basic assets in render engine

Large Assets: Preparing to Texture a Large Asset

  • How to texture large assets and assets with high detail levels to retain texture density
  • Best approaches on mesh set up
  • How mesh set ups translate into Substance Painter

Large Assets: Texturing a Large Asset

  • Methods for texturing large assets
  • Material instancing, texturing sets
  • Workarounds for current limitations in Painter

Completing your World: Layout, Lighting, & Rendering

  • Basic setups for mesh duplication
  • Layout, lighting, rendering
  • Discussion & Finalize projects

Final Review: Next Steps

  • Final review & assessment of small environment
  • Possible options for next steps
  • Tips for getting a foot in the door
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Texture Artist

Arvin Villapando

Arvin works at GameTextures.com, where he wears multiple hats. He is primarily a Texture Artist, Pipeline Engineer, Tool Developer, and Product Manager. As part of GameTexture’s library, Arvin’s work has shown up in a variety of games, including Epic’s RoboRecall and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. He was an early adopter of Allegorithmic’s Substance tools.

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