Digital Sculpting For Collectibles

Live, Online Training With Master Sculptor, Jack Mathews

Sculpt For The Collectibles Industry.

During the Course, you will actively participate in weekly sessions with your cohorts and mentor as you progress from milestone to milestone from the comfort of your own home.

Job Focused

Our key word is HIRE-ABILITY.
We focus on feedback and the right skills in the right order.
Our Structure is battle-tested and constantly evolving to meet the demands of the Industry.

Live, Weekly Mentoring

Stay connected!
We’re ONLINE, meet with your mentor every week to help you build your momentum on your projects.

Awesome Projects

Create a portfolio project that is designed to scream HIRE-ABILITY.
We don’t want you to qualify for entry-level jobs.
We want you to become a rockstar.

Start Date

January 11th @ 10AM Pacific


6 Weeks


Weekly Real Time Classes (via GoToMeeting)
Plus Interactive Student Community Network


We will be teaching in ZBrush.

Course Load

20 Hours Each Week

Skill Level

Intermediate – Advanced


We're focused on the skills you need to thrive in the collectibles industry.

From anatomy fundamentals to 3D modeling tools, you'll learn to create Collectibles while mastering pipeline and best practices.


The Figure

Use ZBrush to create a high resolution design sculpts.
With feedback, increase your level of realism and create more detailed accessories.

The Face

Sculpt beautiful faces and deep dive into both the anatomy and the fundamental structure.

Dynamic Posing

Create engaging, dynamic poses for your character.

Prep For 3D Printing

Learn how to prep your figure for 3D Printing.

Weekly Breakdown


Blocking Out The Figure

Learn the proportions and essential structures of the human face.

Blocking Out The Face

Deep dive into sculpting the basic planes of the human skull.

Establishing Clothing & Accessories

Anatomy overview. Understanding anatomy terms and concepts.

Dynamic Posing

Find references and concepts for inspiration. Block out a figure with focus on proportions and posing.

Micro Details

Start a high resolution base sculpt.

Prep For 3D Printing

Refine, refine, refine.

Your Mentor's Work

"Everyone told me to forget about trying to be a character artist, that artists have been trying for 6-7 years and that it would take me years before i get that chance. Now here i am making characters for an unannounced triple A title and already have watchdogs 2 in my resume. I feel like saying thank you to you and all the instructors here is not enough, but it's all I can say really, thank you so much for making my dream come true."

Sands Kopaei

"I think i had a vague idea of how to make a character for games before but now I am much more confident. When I compare my new work with my old work it is just really better. This is the first time I was doing something realistic and it was a huge step for me and it went really well. "

Océane Bidou

"Seriously....last weekend, i was like "i'm seeing a movie where Hosein did the likeness and one of my fellow students ran one of the biggest doll companies around for years, i'm totally in the right place."

Uriah Redden

Our Graduates Work At


We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses:

Why are these skills relevant today?

ZBrush has completely changed the industry. It is the defactor standard. In this course you’ll learn ZBrush while also being informed by the traditional sculpting skills that Jack has used for decades of sculpting in the collectibles industry.

Who will I be taking classes with?

Our students are artists, engineers transition into the arts, people just out of college, people who couldn’t afford to go to college, vfx artists, baristas – artists who, just like you, have a passion for the collectibles industry.

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of this course?

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Complete a portfolio project.
  • Learn the foundations of sculpting for collectibles.
  • Be ready to sculpt your own project.

When is the first class?

The first class session is Saturday January 11th

What time of day is class?

Class starts at 10 AM Pacific Time and repeats every week for 6 weeks.

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