Quixel joins Epic



There have been countless mergers and acquisitions in our industry. But this is quite possibly the most exciting news of them all. 

Quixel has joined the Epic Games family!

How cool is that!

This is the next big step in the democratization of digital art. 

You get access to Quixel tools like Bridge, Mixer and Megascans with Unreal Engine!

Imagine! State-of-the-art, world-class game-building tools and assets available to EVERYONE! For free! This is now moving towards a truly level playing field.

The last big move in this direction was when Unreal Engine 4 was released to the public for free. 

That one move created a chain reaction. Many other game engines and software had to make themselves available for free to compete with Unreal.

More people around the world started coming up with stunning gaming art, assets, cinematics and entire films! Yes, some indie filmmakers went all the way and produced feature-length movies using Unreal Engine.

Now, with Quixel Bridge, Mixer and Megascans bundled with Unreal, just imagine what this crazy world of game art is gonna come up with. 

Just imagine what YOU are gonna come up with!

We are now living in a world where sixteen years old kids have access to world-class game building tools. And tons of free education on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet.

Which means nothing is stopping ANYBODY now. Anyone can create killer content.

And that’s great news! 

More power to more people is great news for the industry. And for the gamers.

The tools are out there for everyone to use. The key differentiator now is the burning desire to succeed.


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