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Since 2010, Game Art Institute has transformed hundreds of careers through pioneering and experiential education. Our curriculum does this in the context of learning the current and crucial skills and workflows you need to start your career in game design through our intensive Bootcamps. From fundamentals to modeling tools to game engines, you’ll learn to create games while mastering pipeline and best practices.

In 16 weeks you will graduate with:

  • A professional quality online portfolio
  • Access to a global alumni network
  • Industry connections that will help guide your career
  • Grit to do the work
  • A lifetime of success

Choose Your Track:

Limited to 15 students for each Track.

Character Artist Bootcamp


Sixteen-week online Bootcamp for aspiring Character Artists.


Environment Artist Bootcamp


Sixteen-week online Bootcamp for aspiring Environment Artists.


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Character Artist Bootcamp Student: Radek Kowalczyk

What To Expect From The Bootcamps

Our syllabus is living and evolving. We constantly improve on it based on the ever changing needs of the gaming industry and feedback from our students and alumni. You will develop a range of portfolio pieces under constructive peer review.

  • Small Class Size
    Seats are limited to 15 students in each Track.
  • Serious Commitment
    You bring the desire. We will bring the right support and resources to help you thrive. Recommended commitment is 20 hours a week outside of class time.
  • Structured Curriculum
    We focus on the right skills in the right order. Our curriculum is battle-tested and constantly evolves to meet the demands of the industry.
  • Live Biweekly Meetings
    Once the Bootcamp begins, you’ll meet with your Mentor and cohorts every few of days with new assignments and new assessments to keep you making progress. You’ll also get access to a network of thousands of very active alumni.
  • Career Support
    We provide each of our graduates with access to job readiness training, an alumni network, connections to employers and opportunities to hone new skills.
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Student Project: Travis Overstreet (now at Electronic Arts)

Mastery isn’t magic.

It’s a process!

Travis Overstreet just scored a job at Electronic Arts. Here he shares the evolution of his real-time character, Viking Lady, created during his final project of GAI's Character Artist Bootcamp along with a tutorials on texturing torn fabric in Substance Painter and using Maya to create real-time hair braids.

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Our Alumni:

ajke 1
jose 1
Lawrence 1
Travis Overstreet

Our Graduates Work At


Learn with an entire art department

Alexis Boyer

3D Environment Artist, BluePoint Games

Marcin Klicki

Senior Character Artist, CD Projekt Red

Mario Stabile

Concept Designer, Character artist

Simon Fusch

Senior Environment Artist on Overwatch

Melissa Altobello

Senior Environment Artist, At Sucker Punch Games

Samantha Rogers

Character Artist, Tripwire Interactive

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What They’re Saying

A thriving community of dedicated people that made art and games their living. You are not born with talent, you master it, they are ready to show you how.

Natanael Rey

The greatest part is that I am exposed to an environment where I could get constructive feedback, guidance and am surrounded by a lot of other talented artists to learn from. ... No matter which level you are at, as long as you want to improve and are determined, the GAI Bootcamp has the right resources to help you get there because the learning content is not fixed, it is customized for you.

Ira Zhang

For me, having enrolled in the Environment Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions i have taken as an artist.

Isaac Rivera Gómez

One of the best career decisions I have ever made.

Andre Pires

An incredible resource for me as an aspiring 3D artist. The classes offered are led by some of the industry's top talents who take you step by step through the process of creating AAA quality art for games.

Matthew Gillmeister

Everyone told me to forget about trying to be a Character Artist, that artists have been trying for 6-7 years and that it would take me years before I get that chance. However I didn't give up, lots of hard work but if it wasn't for you guys and sharing your knowledge with us students I would never be here. 3 years ago i didn't even know what Photoshop was, and now here I am making characters for an unannounced AAA title and already have watchdogs 2 in my resume. I feel like saying thank you to you and all the instructors here is not enough, but's all I can say really, thank you so much for making my dream come true. I'm eager to continue to learn from the talented artists you bring to GAI to constantly improve my skills and grow as an artist.

Sands Kopaei

Thanks for building such a great community with the best people. My last 6 months of learning has been the best in ten years.

Jake Kemper

The greatest learning experience I have ever been through. With real world practice, with real world masters of the craft using current applications of industry standards.

David Laury

It’s more than just an online classroom. It’s a solid, tight-knit community that works together towards the long run.

Roy Portillo

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